Ranvita has been offering on-line courses for the last 10+ years.

Her courses are very inspirational and motivating and speaks to everyone who is longing for inspiration and changes within their home – and their life.

Change Your Home, Change Your Life
Do you long for a change – or improvement in certain areas of your life? And do you appreciate a lovable, beautiful and nurturing home?
By using feng shui and the “Bagua Map” you can address specific issues that needs to improve in your life.
The 10 lessons guide you through the process step by step; one life-area at a time (i.e the Wealth-area, The Love & Relationship-area, the Fame-area or the Work & Career area.) You will get to know exactly what colours and symbols to use, as well as heaps of other feng shui tips to create good high-vibe energy in your home!
10 lessons + 30 pages feng shui manual

Boost Your Bedroom, Boost Your Love Life!

Your bedroom is a metaphor for your love-life. By changing your bedroom you can change and improve your lovelife, as well as your energy level and self worth.
In 3 easy, inspirational and practical steps Ranvita guides your through each steps in transforming your bedroom to a five start hotel suite full of sensuality, love and care for YOU!
3 lessons + work sheets and tip sheets 

Ignite Your Home, Ignite Your Life!

How do you feel when you are IN LOVE with someone? Most people feel energetic, happy, easy going, passionate, open minded, positive … and – also a little bit in love with ourselves – feeling lovable, lucky and grateful. But most of us “fall out” of this state after a while, and singles may miss out on these feelings for years even. But what if …you could get this feeling from you home? – and from within your self?
This on-line course teaches you how to use your home and your decoration to ignite your inner fire – and fall in love with life, yourself – and maybe someone else too … 
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