99 short, inspirational and practical chapters on everything you need to know about creating a magical home with feng shui, from A – Z!

In this “encyclopedia of the home”, the author explains, in a down-to-earth manner, the psychology of the home as a mirror of your life and how everything in your home is revealing more about you and your life than you could possible imagine. Every chapter closes with practical suggestions on how you can create a beautiful and uplifting home full of charm, personality and purpose.
In Denmark, the book has come to be nicknamed “The Feng Shui Bible”.

249 pages, 100 colour photos, fabric spine, gold lettering, neon pink ribbon marker. (2010)
Available at the Danish public libraries. Also available as audiobook (narrated by the author).

Buy the book here: Saxo Bookstore LOVE YOUR HOME A-Z

Change Your bedroom, Change Your Life shows how you can literally change your life simply by changing your bedroom. The author reveals how to use the principles of feng shui to create a bedroom that will improve sleep, sex and a sense of self-worth.
The readers are
guided, step-by-step, through a personal bedroom-revolution that will bring forth positive changes in their relationships as well as in their sex life, their self-esteem and their physical energy.
280 pages, 40 colour photos, fabric spine and gold lettering.
Sold out/out of print. Available at the Danish public libraries or through the author.